About Us

CS Ventilation has been in business for over 25 years providing commercial kitchen duct work, commercial kitchen hoods, and general duct cleaning within the Boston area. We carry an array of products and specialize in commercial kitchen applications. What makes us unique is our blend of professional certifications in the state of Massachusetts & Rhode Island. If you need custom work, there is no limit to the service we can legally provide. We have licenses for welding, sheet metal, safety inspections, and more, allowing us to provide you with a full range of options, which other companies may not have all the abilities to.

Our travel radius is about 100-150 miles, expanding from central Boston to the I-495 highway.

We also provide free fire safety inspections, fire suppression equipment, and we are fully insured with workman’s compensation.

Our staff is friendly and personable, you’ll always be able to reach the owner, and we’ll treat you with the knowledge that; you’ll be our customer for life.