Kitchen Exhaust System Installation

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems are made up of 5 key components:

  1. Hood
  2. Duct (Carbide Steel and Make-Up air)
  3. Exhaust fan
  4. Make-up Air unit (Heated & Un-Heated)
  5. Fire Suppression System (UL300)

CS Ventilation is unique among competitors because we install Captive Aire equipment. See

All systems are air balanced to eliminate the vacuum effect when a system has not been accurately engineered. Once we install a system, we stand behind our work with our clients. CS Ventilation will design a maintenance schedule (Hood Cleaning & Fire Inspections) which will fit your needs.

The commercial exhaust fans installed with your system are sure to keep the air in your kitchen moving. This will help keep your entire establishment fresh and employees enjoying their time spent in the kitchen. We have a number of different exhaust fan options available to accommodate any type of restaurant.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Ensuring that the commercial kitchen ventilation hoods in your restaurant are up to code has a number of benefits. A professionally installed exhaust system will play a major role in keeping your establishment clean. Any obnoxious odors or grease vapors coming off of your grill will be sucked up by your exhaust hood and brought outside. Additional exhaust fans may be needed to bring in any make up air.

Having the system in place keeps the odors from filling your kitchen as well as reaching the dining area. The air that gets taken from your kitchen will be replaced by air from outdoors leaving your establishment feeling fresh.