G2 Grease Guard Rooftop Defense System

Grease Guard Rooftop This Grease Guard is so effective at containing grease and oils from rooftop exhaust systems, that Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has listed it for effectiveness and safety. This is the most oil absorbent, rainproof, noncombustible, grease containment system on the market today.  These systems are huge diapers to absorb discharge, and ultimately save your roof from exorbitant repair costs.

Petroleum-based oils are used in numerous types of Boston manufacturing facilities. Oil and chemical-laden air is vented from the building and deposited onto the roof via exhaust fans or piped discharge applications. Motor oil or hydraulic fluid discharges are also commonly found on most industrial and manufacturing facility rooftops, under and around motors that power air conditioning systems and electric generators.

Examples incidents that can substantially damage unprotected roofing systems include:Grease Guard

  • Cooling System Oil Discharge
  • Paint & Chemical Manufacturers
  • Die Casting Plant Oil
  • Paper & Textile Manufacturers
  • Engine Production Plant Oil
  • Plastic Production Plant Oil
  • Food Processing Grease
  • Power Plant Diesel Fuel



Promote Grease Safety

Rainwater carries the pollutants that are discharged by your rooftop exhaust fans through your drains and in the storm water system, contaminating the water supply.

Grease spills provide fire hazards and unsafe working conditions. Poor conditions and standards result in OHSA liability claims and costly fines.

Grease and oil emitted onto your rooftops from your kitchen exhaust fans result in unnecessary roof leaks, costly roof repairs and unsafe work areas.

Over 11,000 structure fires are reported annually in eating and drinking establishments. Over 98% are due in part to kitchen exhaust grease and oil.