Fire Extinguishers

Restaurant Fire Extinguisher Supply

Every restaurant is required by law to have properly functioning fire extinguishers for use in the case of fire. Restaurant owners should be sure that all extinguishers in their restaurant are working properly in the case of a fire.

CS Ventilation sells, services, and installs ANSUL® K-GUARD and SENTRY® Stored-Pressure ABC Fire Extinguishers as well as fire extinguisher cabinets and fire extinguisher signs. We can also help maintain your fire extinguishers by performing fire extinguisher inspections on a monthly or yearly basis. Different types of restaurants have different fire safety code restrictions governing how often they get their fire extinguishers inspected so it is important you know the relevant information for your restaurant.

Our expert team of trained technicians will also provide refills, recharges, and maintenance for your fire extinguishers if it is needed. We understand how important fire extinguishers are to the safety of any type of restaurant and can help make sure your restaurant is up to local fire code.