Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Services

CS Ventilation offers the best commercial kitchen ventilation and fire safety services in the Greater Boston area. It is important that your restaurant stays compliant with the latest city fire code. CS Ventilation’s commercial kitchen service experts will ensure you won’t be facing costly fines from the city and your restaurant is running as efficiently as possible.

We specialize in the installation and maintenance of commercial exhaust systems. CS Ventilation’s expert team is comprised of fully licensed and insured hood cleaners, exhaust system repair technicians, fire suppression system technicians, and commercial fire safety inspectors. Hundreds of restaurant owners in the Greater Boston area rely on CS Ventilation to keep their restaurants safe from fire and running as efficiently as possible.

A Boston commercial hood system that is functioning properly is essential to your financial well-being of your business. With CS Ventilation’s expert hood system cleaning and maintenance, a commercial hood system can last a number of years while keeping your establishment comfortable, clean, and safe. A commercial kitchen exhaust system that is not properly services can result in system breakdowns, high repair costs, kitchen fires, closures due to kitchen shutdowns, and expensive city fines.

Studies have shown that customers are far more likely to recommend a restaurant that they felt comfortable in to friends and family. A fully-serviced kitchen exhaust system will help moderate the temperature in your establishment and keep any obnoxious odors from your kitchen from reaching the dining area. In the event you do experience any issues with your kitchen ventilation, CS Ventilation has expert technicians on-call to get your restaurant back to peak efficiency in no time.

Our Boston commercial exhaust system services include: