Kitchen Hoods

Commercial Kitchen Hoods

The kitchen hood is the most important part of your commercial ventilation system. Your kitchen hood will protect you from carbon monoxide, grease, obnoxious odors, and dangerous fumes by pulling any contaminated air that is coming off of your grill into the ductwork of your ventilation system.

The number one benefit of having the right kitchen hood for your kitchen is fire safety. Cooking produces a lot of heat and air saturated with grease that can easily ignite if there is too much of it. Your kitchen hood will keep the air in your kitchen from getting too saturated with grease and moderate the temperature so it doesn’t get too hot.

Your dining area will be more comfortable with an adequately functioning kitchen hood as well. Any obnoxious odors won’t be able to reach your diners from the kitchen and a comfortable temperature will be easily maintained. It is important to get your hood cleaned on a regular basis to prevent too much grease from building up in the filter and ductwork.