Grease Control

Restaurant Grease Filters

The first line of defense for your restaurant’s fire safety are its grease filters. Grease is highly flammable so making sure you keep the grease produced in your kitchen under control is a must. Regularly replacing the grease filters in your establishment is a critical step in ensuring the safety of your customers and employees by significantly reducing the chance of a grease fire.

The NFPA 96 requires that all exhaust air passes through a grease filter so all any contaminated air gets filtered. Ventilation systems installed by CS Ventilation will allow for easy access to the grease filters so they can easily be cleaned and replaced.

CS Ventilation has the know-how and equipment to provide grease filters for any type of restaurant. Our staff has been specifically trained on the requirements laid out in the NFPA 96. Different conditions require different types of installation. Our expert technicians understand all of the technical details outlined in the NFPA 96 and can help ensure you pass any fire inspections you may have scheduled.