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kitchen energy conservation

State-of-the-art systems of ventilation installed by CS Ventilation are designed to make your commercial kitchen as energy efficient as possible. A kitchen ventilation system is often in use from the moment a restaurant opens its doors everyday. Once turned on the kitchen hood will remove smoke and grease-saturated air off of your grill. The contaminated air will then be pulled through the system’s ductwork until it is deposited outdoors at the end of the line. A professionally installed commercial ventilation system will make it much easier and more cost-effective to keep your restaurant clean and comfortable.

Almost all restaurant owners know that restaurants can consume a significant amount of energy. Energy is being used for every task associated with keeping a restaurant open for business and it all leads to expensive energy bills at the end of each month. Restaurant owners and staff often result to commonly known energy saving practices such as using windows for light and keeping refrigerator doors closed as often as possible but that won’t get you very far. The ventilation system is often the biggest energy consumer in a commercial kitchen and can be altered to fit your restaurant’s style of cooking for big kitchen energy conservation savings.

Making sure that the right type of kitchen hood is installed in your restaurant is the first step to an energy-efficient kitchen. Different types of hoods were designed for different types and volumes of cooking and the right kitchen hood for your restaurant will ensure that your ventilation system isn’t wasting any energy or leaving unwanted air in your kitchen. We have installed wall-mounted canopy, single-island canopy, and back shelf hoods at CS Ventilation and understand that each one has a commercial setting where it will work best.

Kitchen layout is another area that doesn’t get altered a lot but can have a big effect on kitchen energy conservation as well. It is important to make sure that all cooking equipment that produces contaminated air be placed against a wall directly underneath your kitchen hood. Any open space between your cooking appliances and hood will require that the hood needs to work harder to get the job done and increase costs. It is also critical to have a hood that is big enough to cover the area all your cooking appliances take up for the most efficient performance.

Once you have your professionally installed commercial ventilation system installed there is only one more step to big energy savings. Your system must be regularly cleaned to ensure the ductwork doesn’t get blocked up and cause the system to work harder. Over time the grease that is brought into the ductwork through the kitchen hood will begin to collect, making the passage through the ductwork narrower. Keeping your kitchen exhaust system clean will allow it to operate as efficiently as possible and significantly reduce the risk of a catastrophic restaurant fire. CS Ventilation has the best Boston hood cleaning service in the area and offers regularly scheduled hood cleanings for all types of restaurants. Call CS Ventilation to get an expert Boston hood cleaning scheduled today.