Melrose 10 Foot Hood Installation

This installation occurred in Melrose,Ma. It is a 10’ kitchen exhaust hood complete with make-up air and fire suppression system.The customer has chosen to have exposed duct work for both the grease and make-up air systems and they painted it flat black.

Here is another look at a front mounted perforated supply plenum ( also known as the PSP ) for the make-air. These units work very well by blowing an air curtain down the front of the which does not allow grease, smoke, and or odors out from under the hood.

The fire suppression system is pre-engineered by the manufacturer. The idea with it is if a fire occurs the system can be activated in one of two ways. The first is by automatic detection where fusible links with a 450 degree heat rating. If the link gets hotter than that – it will melt and the system will discharge.

The second way is to manually activate it by the pull station. After activation the liquid agent dispenses through the nozzles to put the fire out the cooking equipment, plenum area of hood (area behind filters) then the duct work and the fuel to the cooking equipment is shut down, and it activates a notification alert to the fire department.

This job site has a 84” x 51” pizza oven exhaust hood installed to help remove the heat from the kitchen. This oven was ducted out through the roof and has its own independent fan for proper exhaust. Jobs like these are what separates CS Ventilation from the smaller, less professional service providers.